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Countess Crow Illustration Macabre

The Story of Raven & the Magpie

Raven and the Magpie is an exploration of flavors, fragrances and textures. We enjoy experimenting with unusual pairings and establishing new recipes. At Raven we love nostalgia and utilize our histories to concoct sweet and savory styles of sweets. Thank you for joining us on our journey into the unknown. Don't forget to bring cookies.

Rogue Raven Illustration Macabre

"I want to serve desserts and pastries that people recognize and love to eat, but sometimes, with an unexpected twist of surprise."  

-Sean Sasser

Bewitched by the Whimsical & the Mysterious

Exploring the nostalgia and the imagination of Sean's childhood, has led him to this point in his culinary journey. The memories of Sean's family gatherings and festive celebrations have inspired his sweet and savory specialties. Sean was accustom to relocating as a child. His father, a military man, was stationed in countless areas throughout the country and abroad. Sean was born in Nuremberg, Germany. His experiences and travels have given him opportunities to explore unique spices, herbs, tinctures and other elements of culinary traditions. Experimenting and exploring, along with the collaboration of other creatives has helped shape Sean's style and approach. May these offerings spark your imagination and help you create new memories and traditions for years to come. 

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